Thai + Western Bronze Style

Are you looking for a unique wedding that you will remember for a lifetime (not to mention make all your friends back home jealous)? Then consider tying the knot with our Company special Thai + Western Wedding Package. Featuring the best elements of both cultures, part of this ceremony takes place in a local Wat (temple), while the other is conducted on Thailand Beaches, Beautiful Gardens and National Park, known for its peacefulness and spectacular sunsets or other place on your request.

The Thai part of the ceremony includes beautiful traditional costumes, the blessings of revered monks, elegant dancers and several important rituals during which family members or friends will have an opportunity to take part (if it’s just the two of you, no problem, our smiling staff will help out!). As you go through each step of the ceremony, our experienced Master of Ceremony will explain the symbolism behind the different rituals.

During the shorter Western (non-religious) ceremony, the MC will lead you through the reciting of your vows, a nice poem, exchange of rings, the all-important kiss, Champagne toast and Love Tree Planting. So again, if you desire something different in your wedding experience, you will be entranced by our Thai + Western Wedding Package!

Package Includes:

Briefing with Wedding Master about all ceremony steps. (required)
Hairdressing and makeup.
Fresh flower buttonhole for Groom.
Fresh flower bouquet for Bride.
Photographer with unlimited shooting + all photos in USB or cloud storage.
Round trip transfer from/to your hotel. (required)
Scented cold towel and drinking water.
Venue floral decorations, aisle/altar set-up (required)
Venue decoration for monks blessing (white gazebo, table, chairs, etc).
Thai wedding ceremonial table where the bride and groom will be blessed. (required)
Master of ceremony. (required)
3 Buddhist Monks + fees + offering package
2 Fresh flower garlands for the couple.
Painting 3 dots on each of their foreheads. (required)
Sacred head slings. (required)
String of luck charm bracelets for bride, groom.
Thai water blessing ceremony. (required)
Thai wish dance & Thai music background playing during ceremony (Thai ceremony).
Sand unity ceremony. (required)
Marriage certificate from our company (non-official).
Music background playing during ceremony (Western ceremony).
Flower petals shower after ceremony.
1 Bottle of celebratory champagne.
Raising the just married flag.
Venue fee (required)

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