Renew Buddhist Temple

The Wedding Ceremony in the temple can take place at any time, at the convenience of the individual venue. No notice is required for your blessing, other than to ask the temple if the proposed time is convenient. You do not need to attend any meetings with the monks prior to your blessing. There is no blessing rehearsal.

People of all religions are welcome to attend a Buddhist blessing service, as long as each guest respects the traditions of the Buddhist faith. The bride, groom and guests are free to wear whatever they like, as long as it is not too revealing. The bride usually wears a dress and the groom a suit.

Guests should be aware that they must behave respectfully towards the Buddhist monks in the temple and should remove their shoes before entering the shrine room.

The Wedding Ceremony takes place in the shrine room of the Buddhist temple. The ceremony lasts about half an hour, during which time ordained monks chant from Buddhist sacred texts in the Pali language. The style of chanting has been handed down since the time of the Buddha. The guests and wedding couple listen and observe, but do not participate. For this reason there are no service sheets.

Package Includes:

Briefing with Wedding Master about all ceremony steps. (required)
Hairdressing and makeup
Fresh flower buttonhole for male.
Fresh flower bouquet for female.
Photographer with unlimited shooting + all photos in USB or Cloud Storage.
Round trip transfer from/to your hotel. (required)
Scented cold towel and drinking water.
Master of ceremony. (required)
3 Buddhist Monks + fees + offering packages and temple donations. (required)
2 Fresh flower garlands for the couple (required)
Painting 3 dots on each of their foreheads. (required)
Sacred head slings. (required)
String of luck charm bracelets for the couple. (required)
Buddhist holy water ceremony.
Renew marriage certificate from our company (non-official).

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