Islamic Ceremony

In order to get married in the Islamic Wedding Tradition, both the Man and the Woman must be of the Islamic faith, should one not be a Muslim he or she must be ordained into the faith by an Imam in the local Mosque by stating you believe in the in one God and one God only thorough the teachings of his Profit Mohammad.

Both parties being of Muslim faith, the Woman must obtain a paper signed by her Father, or should the Father is deceased, her eldest brother or last remaining member of the family simply stating they agree with her decision for her to marry. This should be presented to the Imam at the local Mosque in order to process the legal papers to be present at the wedding.

An Islamic Wedding is generally held by the Imam and other parties present from the local Mosque. Its generally only takes about 20 minutes where the Imam ask questions of the groom regarding his love for the bride to be, he then will ask for the dowry and it is then written down on paper signed and witnessed by the others present. The dowry must be agreed on firstly by the Father and Mother of the bride, but should their be no family present, the bride is sufficient and can make the agreement and decide by herself in front of the Imam.

Package Includes:

Briefing with Imam about all ceremony steps. (required)
Hairdressing and makeup
Fresh flower buttonhole for Groom.
Fresh flower bouquet for Bride.
Photographer with unlimited shooting + all photos in USB or Cloud Storage.
Round trip transfer from/to your hotel. (required)
Scented cold towel and drinking water.
I-mam fee and mosque donation.(required)
Marriage certificate from mosque Religious one. (required)
2 Witnesses. (required)

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